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Sometimes I am - Sometimes i am not

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you don’t love me.

I got ringworm, and it’s disgusting. 😖

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow to start medicine for that and I’m going to ask for anxiety medication too. I can’t deal with the fact that my mother is deteriorating right in front of me and no one in my family is listening.

My depression and anxieties have been eating me alive that I finally think I’m ready to give in. I’m scared, but I’d rather feel this fear, than feel this pain.

thurs I get a small bowel series to figure out if I have IBS, crohns or celiac and hopefully, fucking hopefully I get some damn answers to all these years if infections. I met with a gastroenterologist and she had more insight in 30 mins than in the 10 diff drs I’ve seen in the past 5 years. thank god. someone who wants to help and doesn’t think I’m lying or crazy.

why do I feel so alone in all of this?